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Tired of the endless resume revisions and rejections?

Job Application Without Careergo (Traditional Career Coaches)

  • Expensive with fees ranging from $100-$500+ per session
  • Generic, one-size-fits-all advice that doesn't capture your unique skills and experiences
  • Time-consuming process spanning multiple sessions with no guarantee of landing interviews or job offers
  • Limited availability and scheduling conflicts with coaches
  • Difficulty articulating and quantifying your accomplishments effectively
  • No centralized system to track applications and follow-ups

Job applications with Careergo

  • Get noticed by top employers with AI-powered applications that showcase your unique story.
  • AI-powered resume and cover letter builders that highlight your distinctive qualifications and accomplishments
  • Efficient, self-paced process with AI assistance to quickly create high-impact application materials
  • 24/7 access to the platform to work on your materials whenever convenient
  • AI writing assistance to clearly communicate your achievements in a compelling way
  • Integrated job application tracker to stay organized throughout your search

Craft Winning Resumes

Our AI Resume Builder provides customizable templates, keyword optimization, and expert guidance to create compelling resumes that stand out

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Stand Out with Compelling Cover Letters

Leverage our AI Cover Letter Builder to create personalized and persuasive cover letters that highlight your unique qualifications and achievements.

Ace Your Interviews.

Prepare for success with our AI Interview Prep feature, offering comprehensive interview preparation tailored to your needs.

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Boost Your Job Prospects in Minutes with Careergo

Skip the hours of tedious work and let Careergo instantly create a personalized resume and cover letter that grabs attention and lands you interviews.

3 Day Pass

Access to customizable template and keyword optimization to craft a compelling resume that stands out.

USD  5

3 days
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  • AI Resume Builder

Monthly Pass

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With an AI-powered resume and cover letter builder, unlimited revisions, and a job search tracker, you'll be able to streamline your job hunt and stay organized throughout the process.

USD  19

a month
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  • AI Resume Builder
  • AI Cover Letter Builder

Quarterly Pass

Elevate your job search with our comprehensive career coaching package. Gain access to our AI-powered Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder, and Interview Prep tools.

USD  39

a quarter
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  • AI Resume Builder
  • AI Cover Letter Builder
  • AI Interview Prep Coming Soon

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